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What are Securebars?

It is a Transparent Burglar Bar, made out of special high density Polycarbonate, which is the strongest Thermoplastic in the World.

Can I install it on any type of Window?

Aluminium, Wood and PVC frames are the most compatible applications.
The Securebars can also be made compatible with Steel windows or large sliders with the help of Aluminium or steel profiles.

How are the Securebars Mounted?

We install directly into your frame with tried and tested methods,i.e. Stainless steel Pop rivets for Aluminium and Special reinforced screws angled in on Wood.

How do you finish off the mountings?

We have four standard colour security Cover caps, i.e. Black, White, Grey, Brown, to go with you existing frame.

How would they be installed?

Our Securebars can be installed both Vertically and horizontally across your existing frame.

How quickly can one get Securebars Installed?

Due to our Clever “Mobile Trailer” and “No Make ready time” we are able to install within 2-3 days, dependant on the work load.

Will the Securebars Corrode or Discolour?

No, our Securebars can be installed in any condition and will require no maintenance other than your general Cleaning. Our Securebars also has a specially developed UV coating built on the Inside of the Bar, which prevents it ageing or fading.

Can you break the bars with a hammer?

No, you cannot, as it will require 3000kg of Tensile breaking strength to snap.
Secondly, the special Polycarbonate bars absorbs impact and dissipates energy, which takes the strain off you mountings.

Can you cut the Bars with a Bolt cutter?

Yes, but due to the dimensions (30mm height) the Intruder would firstly need to apply 2 strong pumps from the bottom and then 2 strong pumps from the top to break. A steel or Alluminium bar would require 1 pump as their make-up is rigid.

What guarantees do you offer?

Our Securebars comes with a 10 Year Guarantee against breaking, aging and fading.

How can I get in touch with a sales consultant?

We have agents in South Africa ready to assist you professionally and efficiently.


Concerned about the next time you will be burgled?
Securebars offers an Elegant, yet Ultra Strong Clear Deterrent to protect your home or business.

Tired of Feeling like you live in a Prison?
Only Securebars can offer you clear views for both you Opening and Fixed windows

Worried about your kids falling out of windows?
Securebars can protect your kids in High rise apartments and Upper floors, whilst maintaining your views.

Are those Baboons driving you insane?
Now you can keep those nuisances out and enjoy your views.

Have you invested in new window frames or have beautiful old frames?
Allow Securebars to enhance your existing investment and not take away your aesthetics.

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